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2015-11-03 04:48 pm
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[rp] [open] Daylight Saving, or: How Benjamin Franklin Fucked Us All

[in 1784, Dr. Benjamin Franklin penned an essay aimed at the Parisians who he was living amongst entitled "An Economical Project." Ever the jokester, Franklin "parodied himself" and suggested that they rise earlier in the day to better make use of sunshine, and to save on oil costs.

It was a joke. It was only a joke. Except by WWI, US presidents thought it wasn't a half-bad idea for the short term. And then more presidents. And then in 1966, it became a permanent part of the year's calendar. (Except in Arizona, because WHO CARES ABOUT SUN.)

And so now, in the post-Daylight Saving world, please come and yell at Benjamin Franklin for creating this terrible, terrible thing that fucks with all of our sleep schedules.]
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2015-04-05 08:46 pm

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